Safety and training


One of the strengths/strong points of Sultan is the constant and continuous training of employees.


The company has developed a safety plan in the workplace that over two years has reduced the rate of injuries to zero. The constant control over the use of PPE on procedures of use and compliance with the shipyard rules, has led to excellent results.


Following the courses on Health & Safety Management and Workers' Health and safety Representative, fire- fighting courses, first aid and forklift drivers courses, Sultan drew up a training plan on business risks in collaboration with the Safety Office of Fincantieri Monfalcone.


It is expected that all employees attend an internal training course, followed by an assessment test.


For each piece of equipment instructions for use have been drawn up . All employees have been provided with a safety bag and safety helmet, hat with protective cap, brace for the lower back, soundproof headphones, safety shoes and special clothing for recognition.